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Plastic steel sheet piles have many advantages
  1. Fast construction speed: The construction speed of breeding farms, solar photovoltaic fields and other facilities built using plastic steel sheet piles is fast, saving construction time and reducing construction costs.

  2. Low labor costs: Compared with traditional concrete and steel structure construction, plastic steel sheet pile construction requires less manpower, reducing labor costs.

  3. Mechanized construction site preparation: Using plastic steel sheet pile construction, mechanized equipment can be used for site preparation, which improves construction efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and reduces work injuries.

  4. Cost savings: Compared with traditional concrete construction, the construction cost of plastic steel sheet piles is lower.

  5. Long service life: Plastic steel sheet piles have a long service life and can be used for many years without replacement, making them suitable for long-term investment.

  6. Fast repair speed: If the plastic steel sheet pile is damaged or needs to be replaced, the repair speed is fast and the production process will not be affected.

  7. Environmental protection: Compared with traditional concrete construction, plastic steel sheet piles have less impact on the environment and can also be recycled.

Based on the above advantages, plastic steel sheet piles have become a widely used construction material.

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Fish and electricity symbiosis

Current breeding technology improvements

​We provide professional Yudian symbiotic breeding

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Water conservancy engineering technology further improved

​Professional drainage system maintenance and revetment regeneration

construction team

First-class construction team at home and abroad

​Give you perfect construction quality

​Design Team

Covers the largest engineering consulting company in China

​ and the architectural design company provide the overall design

​Bulletin of the fish-electricity symbiosis aquaculture system

New type of breeding technology

Cooperate with solar energy storage equipment to increase income from farming fish and dual-use income from farmland

​Manufacturing team

American product design

​ Since the mid-1990s, plastic steel sheet piles have been the preferred solution to protect coastal land from erosion. It is a proven product. Vinyl sheet piles protect millions of feet of coastline bordering oceans, canals, lakes, streams and ponds. It is an attractive functional product that can add value to any waterfront property. The damp-proof wall can also be effectively used as a flood-proof wall, which can be placed independently or increase the height of the existing embankment. Or as a partition wall to control the underground movement of water to prevent undercutting of underground structures. In the past, steel sheet piles have been used. Many applications of wood or concrete can be converted to Baixing plastic steel sheet piles to form a permanent high-quality wall at a much lower cost than these alternatives.


Taiwan manufacturing team

The company’s plastic steel sheet piles are manufactured by Formosa Plastics Nanya Plastics Co., Ltd., with stable quality and can meet government requirements. We provide high-quality products to ensure that all product materials have passed SGS testing and TAF government certification. UV rays can be used outdoors for a long time without cracking



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