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​Special report on fishery and electricity symbiosis

Plastic sheet piles can be used as basic materials for building breakwaters, fixed farming cages, and supporting swing farming equipment in fish farming farms. Since aquaculture fish ponds are often in a humid environment and are often affected by seawater immersion and wind and waves, basic materials that are corrosion-resistant, durable and have high structural strength should be selected.

Using plastic sheet piles as the basic material for fish farming has the following advantages:

  1. Corrosion resistance: Plastic sheet piles have good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of sea water and rainy weather, so they have a long life and low maintenance costs.

  2. Lightweight: Plastic sheet piles are much lighter than traditional concrete piles or steel piles, so they are more convenient and faster to install, saving construction time and costs.

  3. Low maintenance costs: Plastic sheet piles have a long life and do not require regular maintenance or replacement, so they have low maintenance costs and can save economic and labor costs.

In short, plastic sheet piles are a very suitable material for the infrastructure construction of fish farms. Its durability and easy installation can improve the quality and efficiency of fish farms.

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Taiwan Baixing Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting new, pollution-free, and advanced engineering materials.
In view of the current serious flooding and glimpses of future business opportunities, a new generation of environmentally-friendly building materials for flood control, embankment and soil retention were introduced to Taiwan, and the Formosa Plastics Group Nanya Company was appointed to produce plastic sheet piles of high quality and conform to ASTM, TAF and ISO certification.
Currently, it is constructing or producing and supplying products for water conservancy construction in various parts of Taiwan, such as the drainage system project in the coastal area of Pingtung, Taiwan, the drainage system project in the breeding area of Yunlin County, the drainage system project in the breeding area of Chiayi, and the drainage and bank protection projects of various rivers and streams.
In the future, this material will be improved to make its scope of application wider, which can be widely used in various civil engineering, and will focus on foreign markets in the future.



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Taiwan Baixing Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting new, pollution-free, and advanced engineering materials.
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The product is suitable for embankment protection banks, rivers, wharves, flood control, quicksand, ports, roads and bridges, municipal engineering, residential landscapes, etc., where soil-retaining structures are required, and they have a wide range of uses. It can effectively replace traditional retaining walls, with high cost, large area, many consumables, inadaptability to soft foundations, slow construction speed, and poor landscape effects.


The main function of the new type of plastic steel sheet pile is to block seepage, prevent hollowing out, protect soil and water, and retain soil. It has the characteristics of ecological environment protection, convenient and quick construction, small land occupation and beautiful appearance. It is a soil and water retaining project for landscape water conservancy projects. The structure provides an advanced, practical and fashionable sheet pile slope protection material.

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● High degree of mechanization and fast construction speed ● No cofferdam for shore construction, and high efficiency during disaster relief ● Low cost ● Construction is not restricted by weather conditions ● Environmental protection materials protect the environment, novel and beautiful appearance ● Long life, can be used for more than 30 years

The plastic steel sheet pile is manufactured by Formosa Plastics Nanya Plastics Co., Ltd., with stable quality, and can meet government requirements. The product materials have passed SGS testing and TAF government certification. The raw materials are free of lead and heavy metals. The product is environmentally friendly. Will crack

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Long service life The plastic sheet pile material is composite plastic, and its shape is similar to traditional steel sheet piles, but the material is optimized according to the characteristics of the plastic, and it has extremely high compressive strength and impact resistance (especially in underwater use conditions) , Will not split or decay, and its long service life can reach 50 to 70 years.

Save construction cost Compared with traditional concrete, plastic sheet piles can save nearly 70% of materials in engineering use, save nearly 30% of construction costs, and increase construction efficiency by nearly five times.
The construction equipment uses traditional steel sheet pile construction equipment and fixtures without special modification to avoid construction troubles.

Environmental protection and pollution-free At present, there is no specific substitute product for the high pollution of RC concrete structure building materials. Therefore, our plastic sheet piles have the function of replacing the old products, and can provide more functions and environmental advantages than the original products. , This product does not contain lead and plasticizer and has passed European environmental protection building materials specifications.


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